Lasik and Computer Use: Can I Use The Computer After Lasik?

Lasik eye surgery has a quick recovery and patients can return back to work after 2-4 days. You can contact me to know all the nitty-gritty details for Lasik surgery in Delhi (read more: Lasik is a permanent solution to get rid of the glasses and lens. It helps you to attain a clear and stable vision if you are a suitable candidate for Lasik. You need to consult an eye specialist to know if you can undergo this laser process. It is a totally safe and reliable procedure with affordable Lasik surgery costs in India (

Our lives are highly dependent on digital devices like computers, mobile phones, and tablets. From doing work or chatting with friends, computers have become an integrated part of our life. So, naturally, most of the patients are worried about when they can resume their normal lifestyle with the use of digital devices. It is very important to take care of your eyes for a couple of months after Lasik. Because this is the recovery period of your cornea and you must not harm your cornea at that time. You can go back to work quickly but you need to take precautions to protect your eyes. If your job requires computer work, then these guidelines will help you jump back to work after Lasik.

Effect of computers on eyes after Lasik: Blinking is vital for eye health. Every time you blink you remove dirt and debris from the surface of the cornea making it clean. Tears and blinking avoid eye infection and keep it healthy. But when you use a computer or mobile screen, it changes your blinking pattern. Fewer blinks can lead to eye fatigue and dry eyes, Also, prolonged work on screens can cause eye strain due to the rays emitted from these screens. After Lasik surgery, your eyes are in the healing process and you must not hinder it anyways. These computer-related effects can cause dry eyes and eye strain leading to complications after surgery. You can continue the use of screens after a week with the necessary precautions to protect your eyes.

Here are some tips you can follow for safe computer use after Lasik

  1. Right after surgery, ditch the use of screens entirely. Do not watch TV or use digital devices for at least 3 days post-Lasik.
  2. For the next one to two weeks, avoid the use of screens as much as you can. If your work requires the use of a computer, then try to limit or reduce your usage time.
  3. People blink seldom while using computers. So, try to blink frequently and focus on blinking to restore moisture on the surface of the eye.
  4. You should lubricate your eyes by using prescribed eye drops from time to time. For frequent computer users, it is important to keep your eyes moistened.
  5. Use the 20-20 rule while using a computer screen. The 20-20 rule says that after every 20 minutes of screen use, look away from your screen for 20 seconds and focus on an object at a distance of 20 feet away.

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