All You Needs To Know About Nursing Jobs In Qatar

If you want to start working as a nurse or find nursing jobs in Qatar you should get or collect all the information related to nursing jobs in Qatar. Without knowing anything you can’t get to immigrate or work as a nurse in Qatar. 

So here are all the necessary info that you guys wants to know:-

Average working hours and salary:-

When we are all set to immigrate to another country or abroad we need a job and if you are a nurse Qatar is probably the best place for you. In this way you should collect or take all the info regarding that country. So, if you are working as a nurse in Qatar, the first thing you want to know is what the salary and working hours are for healthcare or as a nurse in Qatar?

  • Working hours: So as a nurse, you will be required to work from Sunday to Thursday for 9-10 hours per day. And there are rotational shifts where all the staff members get 1-2 days off per work.
  • Salaries: The salary in nursing jobs in Qatar is between 78000 (QAR 4000) to 198000 (10000 QAR). And if you are a (RNS) registered nurse with experience you can get high salaries. In  salaries allowances are included. Generally includes accommodation allowances, transport allowances and other. Here the salary of yours is tax free and sometimes you may get extra benefits like vacation days, annual air tickets etc.   

Challenges of working as a nurse in Qatar:-

There are lots of benefits and decent salary while nursing jobs in Qatar  but you should also know the challenges that you may face everyday.

Some of the challenges are given below:-

  • Arabic language: in Qatar English is a very common language, but now a new law has been introduced to protect their language (Arabic). So the Govt. agencies and public bodies are now required to use only the Arabic language. So this is the challenge for you to work here.


  • Expensive driving license:- Here fuel is very cheap and you can easily afford cars here but getting a driving license if you don’t get this in your country because if you don’t have license here you need to take a driving course that costs QAR 3000 (60000).


  • Lifestyle is so high:- Qatar is very expensive so while selecting an employer make sure he pays you a decent salary and allowances.


  • Opportunities for the highly deserving:– Qatar is a small country and there are excellent opportunities but here you are competing for a nursing job against professionals from all over the world. So you are required to be one of the best in your field if you want a nurse job in Qatar. You give it your best shot when you apply.

Is it beneficial to move to Qatar?

Several reasons make Qatar a good choice for anyone who is looking for a job abroad or nursing job in Qatar. Here you get excellent salaries, flexible working hours. 

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